Monday, December 3, 2012

10 easy ways to decorate cupcakes

Who said that you need expensive equipment to make cute cupcakes?

A cupcake pan, some frosting and imagination makes the difference...

Here is a cupcake, a piping bag and a piping tip.
If you don't have, you can also use a regular plastic food bag (cutting off one of the two corners).

The easiest way to fill a bag is by using a glass.

Put the bag in a glass and fill it up, using a spoon or a spatula

Hold the end of the bag and press it until the whole air come off.

Way #1 : The classic swirl

To make a swirl just put the piping bag in outer area of the cupcake and make three cycles.

Way #2: The spoon-flower

Pip 5-6 frosting dots

Using the back surface of a teaspoon, press a bit the dots to the center to make the petals

Then pip one more dot in the center, if you want

Way #3: The Cloud

To make a "cloud" just put the bag on center of the cupcake and start to press the bag without make any move

Then suddenly pull it up!

Way #4: The mum's cupcake

Cover the cupcake using a little spatula or a butter knife

Way #5: The covered cupcake

This is defiantly the easiest, but sparkling way to decorate a cupcake in minutes.

Just make a "mum's cupcake"...

and dip it in anything you like!
I used my "Quick & Easy Edible Glitter"



For the rest of techniques you'll a "star" tip.
my favorite is the 1M by Wilton

Way #6: The "cactus"

After putting the tip into the piping bag, we fill it again and pip some "stars" here and there...

Way #7: The "rose"

Star piping from the center and keep on make some cycles {on the same level(!)}, until the whole cupcake'll be covered

That's a kind of  rose (colored frosting -like red- looks better)

Way #8: The "soft ice-cream machine"

Pip 3 cycles as you see on the pictures

( : The result looks like the classic soft ice creams from the machines : )

Way #9 : The Candy cane (two colored frosting)

Empty your pipping bag and without washing it out, add some color

Then press and "kneed" the bag

then fill it with the rest of the white frosting

and the swirl will look like a candycane!

Way #10: The Sprinkled cupcake

Even if you are an amateur "froster" everybody is gonna LOOOVE that!
Just frost your cupcake and add some sprinkles!
There are like a million kinds of sprinkles and color compositions that you can make!

It's really fun and quiet easy to make cupcakes!
For the cupcakes above I used my Fluffy Meringue Frosting
 (I'm sorry for the dark photos... It was a really rainny day)

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