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    Thursday, March 13, 2014

    How to Dip Dye a T-Shirt

    A really cool way to give style to your plain white t-shirt.
    It works great for cotton fabrics and  the result comes better after 2 or 3 washes.

    You will need:

    White T-shirt
    Boiling water
    fabric colour
    metal bowl or saucepan

    1. Fill the bowl with boiling water

    2. Add the salt, the color and mix well

    3. Dip the bottom of the t-shirt

    4. Every 30sec. pull 5cm. out and repeat until the end.
    Wash out the color with cold water and leave the t-shirt dry.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quick 'n' Easy Cake Stand

You've may already seen them as "cake stands" or "Rosanna".
There are so many different diy's using spray paint, pot plates, candle holders, e.t.c.
I think this is the simplest and quickest way to make your own cake stand!

What you'll need:
Soft paint brush
Acrylic paint
Paper cup
Ceramic pot
Shallow plate
Instant glue

- Fill the cup with a bit of colour

- Cover the pot with paint and repeat if there are gaps.

- Cover the bottom of the pot with glue

- Put the plate on the pot

- Press for a minute

Your cake stand is ready!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

D.I.Y. Doily Cupcake Liners

An easy-peasy tutorial for romantic, doily liners.

What you'll need:

Cupcakes (!)
Tray liner

- Measure the circumference of the cupcake, using a piece of cord

- Place the cord on the doily contour of the tray

- Cut it carefully

- Measure the height

- Place the cord on the edge of the cropped piece

- And shorten it, if you have to

- Spred some glue on one end

- Piece together the edges and let it dry

- Drop the cupcake into the liner

Your romantic cupcakes are ready!

Special thanks to:
3 WAYS CREATION for filming
Konstantina Michopanou for make up/ hair
Katerina Andrikopoulou & Despina Koliou for styling
Joy TvShow for the production

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

D.I.Y. Air Diffuser

You probably already own an air diffuser.
You probably have paid more than 20 euros for those little jars...
Today's tutorial shows how to make more than 3 air diffuser for less than 10 euros.

You will need:

Glass jar with a narrow opening
15ml Essential oil (jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, e.t.c)
Baby oil
10 bamboo sticks

DIY BIKY 06 JOY SEASON 2 from joy tvgreece on Vimeo.

How you make it:

Pour the essential oil into the jar

Fill the rest of the jar with baby oil or almond oil

Secure the lid and shake well

Add the sticks

It may takes more than two days to start diffusing.
Once a week turn the sticks upside down.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

D.I.Y. Wedding cake Toppers

Some weeks ago I discovered a super cool wedding, Greek, site.
Myrto Kazi, director of Yes I do, came up with the idea of a guest post.

I had so much fun planning and making this super cool, wedding cake tutorial!

To make the toppers you will need:
- A print of your favorite heroes + a banner with their names on it
- Gold hard paper
- Crafting glue
- Scissors
- Bamboo sticks

You'll need a cake and a frosting, too!
I used the classic marble cake, chocolate chips and vanilla frosting.

And now the fun part:

Step 1: Cut carefully the figures and the banner

Step 2: Spread some glue on the back side

And lean the sticks on the glue and let them to dry out

Step 3: Spread some more glue on the whole surface

Step 4: Put them on the back of the golden paper

Step 5: Cut them again, after the glue is completely stable.

Step 6: Cut 3-4cm. from the end of the figures, to make them a bit shorter than the banner

After baking and chilling the cake, cover it with frosting and drive in the toppers.

The cake is ready!

You can use you own photos, too!
Just get inspired and adjust it on your own tastes.

Have fun!-Yes, you do!


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