Thursday, February 6, 2014

D.I.Y. Doily Cupcake Liners

An easy-peasy tutorial for romantic, doily liners.

What you'll need:

Cupcakes (!)
Tray liner

- Measure the circumference of the cupcake, using a piece of cord

- Place the cord on the doily contour of the tray

- Cut it carefully

- Measure the height

- Place the cord on the edge of the cropped piece

- And shorten it, if you have to

- Spred some glue on one end

- Piece together the edges and let it dry

- Drop the cupcake into the liner

Your romantic cupcakes are ready!

Special thanks to:
3 WAYS CREATION for filming
Konstantina Michopanou for make up/ hair
Katerina Andrikopoulou & Despina Koliou for styling
Joy TvShow for the production

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