Monday, December 31, 2012

i thing i saw a pussycat

Some weeks ago I've been asked to sew a kitty for a little girl : )
Myrto loved the [the cat with the cassette], so she received one as Xmas present!

Her godmother told me that she likes purple, flowers and cute things like buttons.

The kitty's got a little denim bow,

floral details on the dress,

and a necklace
which we replace it with a...

...boutonniere to the final project!
(but i forgot to reshoot it...oops! sorry...)

I hope, little Myrto spents a lot of fun time, playing with her new kitty : )

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  1. what's new pussycat? :))
    very cute & i love her necklace!

    a happy new year to you!

  2. ...woah, woah woah woah! :D

    thanks kookie! have a groovy 2013 <3


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