Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back to School T-shirt

Hello there!
I'm very excited for my today's post!
Here is my very first video tutorial thanks to JOY!

Plain white t-shirt
duct tape 
soft brush
Blue fabric color
Red fabric color (I used fabric marker)

Place the shirt on a smooth surface (table, floor, etc)

Stick pieces of tape on the front of the shirt,beginning from the bottom

With the brush fill the horizontal gaps between duct tapes

Unstick the tapes carefully

 Stick, again, two large pieces of tape vertical on the blue lines

Fill the gap with red color

Put away the tapes and let the shirt to dry for 24 hours (as the colors' instructions)

Hope you enJOYed it :)


  1. very nice tutorial!
    and congratulations for your participation in joy!
    did you also make the small crayon candles?
    i liked this one too!

  2. Thank you!
    Yeap :) I did all the diy's for the session 2
    I 'll try to upload the citronella-candles, soon
    Have fun :)


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