Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookie Staches on a Stick

Some days ago Ma Li Ya asked me to make  her some mustache-on-a-stick cookies, for her friends at Meet Market.

Ma Li Ya designs and makes accessories out of Plexiglas (plus metal,  macrame and more). She supports the whole homemade/handmade idea, so I bake her some really pure stuff!

First, I made the cookie dough.
I used sugar&butter, flour, eggs and vanilla.
I rolled out the dough and I cut it into mustache-shapes

After I baked them, I let 'em cool completely

And I deeped them in melted milk chocolate...

Some of them I deeped them in white chocolate which I colored red and green (using food coloring of course :) )

I used chocolate icing to outline the mustaches

And here're the "ready to be given" mustaches on a stick!

I baked 30 with milk chocolate, 10 with red and 10 with green!
Xmas(tache) spirit is here

Ma Li Ya and her happy customers grew a  mustache cookie!

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  1. yamiii tha ftiaksw k egw!!htan teleia sto meet market!!

    rikste mia matia sto blog mouuu!!kai giati oxi akolouthiste me k eseiss!!



    1. Ωραια ηταν, να μην εβρεχε κι ολας... :Ρ
      follow -done-

  2. you made them wonderful!
    και η συσκευασία υπέροχη επίσης!


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