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    Monday, June 18, 2012

    Tangled eggs (yarn balls)

    I finally made my own yarn balls 2 months ago.
    Surfing on the net and visiting many “how to” blogs, I found this technique. Just using a balloon, yarn and some glue you make a lovely string ball, simply as that.  Do you remember my knitted Amy? I had lots of yarn left after that project. I had some balloon left from my baby-girl (first) birthday party. The only think I needed was glue, but I had an idea!
    Just to make it more “eco-friendly” I made my own glue just using water and flour. I also alternate the shape and I made them into eggs, because it was Easter.  Here is my tutorial and I hope you to enjoy it

    what we need:

        1 cup flour
        2 cups water
        thick thread or string

    first we inflate the balloons

    Heat the water

    When bubbles appear turn down the heat and add the flour. Mix well with a whisk. (turn off the fire before it reaches the boiling point)

    Unwrap the thread and dip it in the glue leaving the outside the edge so as not to miss it. We take the balloon in one hand and begin to wrap it with the liquid thread. We squeeze the threat over the span while wrapping, so as to remove unnecessary glue.

    After you’ve covered the most of the surface of the balloon, hang the balloon from the inlet and leave it outside for a few hours.

    When the thread is completely dry, just pit the balloon with a pin. Then carefully remove it from the inside.

    Your yarn balls are ready!

    here are some more ideas i found on the net (inspiration always needed)

    Paper Mache Yarn Balls - Easy Homemade Party Lanterns and Decorations

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