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    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Quick & Easy Edible Glitter

    These weeks I bake cupcakes non-stop! this time I wanted something simple and quick as decoration because I had no time...
    If you search for cupcake decoration you will find a million of products such as sprinkles, edible confetti, edible glitter, pearls in a variety of colors and sizes, toppers, etc...

    This is the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to make at home sugar that makes your cupcakes sparkling and cute.

    The things you need are

    Regular white sugar
    food coloring

    Pour sugar in an empty jar. Leave at least three fingers gap from the top

    pour two drops of food coloring, close the lid and shake it !

    After a minute of shaking this will be the result.
    If you want a darker shade of your color you can add some more drops but the sugar will start seems like wet sand. This problem can be solved easily by adding a tea spoon of cornstarch

    I really like my baby-blue homemade sugar glitter!

    And that's the fun part!
    I baked vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and I covered them with vanilla frosting


    And I sprinkle some sugar on them

    Here is the result! No one would imagine that you made the glitter by yourself with kitchen ingredients...

    and here are some more I made using brown sugar

    I think that this combination of light blue and white is perfect both for summer and winter.

    I'm not sure if it reminds me of the snow or of the sea  : )

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