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    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    DIY Christmas Tree

    Xmas is a great time to show off your creativity!
    Last year I've made a really quick and cheap Xmas lill' tree.
    All you need is a piece of...

    Take a cardboard and design on it 2 simple trees with a star on top, like on the pattern below.

    Cut your trees and then cut two lines as you see on the image
    After that, put your two pieces together by haling the one tree vertically to the other.
    Your DIY Xmas tree is ready (in less than 15 minutes)!

    You can now decorate it as you wish.
    I glued sheets of gold on the star, I hand-sewed some mushrooms and I put necklace with colorfull beads.
    Have fun!

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    1. τέέλεια! Στολίδια από το τίποτα... Μπράβοοοο

    2. handmade trees are so much fun to do!

      i might try this one!

    3. Konstantina σ'ευχαριστω :)

      Evdokia εχω ψαξει για τετοιους κονους αλλα εχω βρει μονο φελιζολ, "κοντους" (σαν αναποδπγυρισμενες σβουρες). Εαν βρεις καπου πες μου κι εμενα.
      Σαν project ειναι τελειο και η τσοχα φοβερο υλικο !! :)


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