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    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Special order for special people

    Some weeks ago a friend of mine, ask me to sew her 2 stuffed toys, one for her best friend and one for her best friend’s husband.
    I loved her idea and ask her to tell me more about them, so as to make them more personal and unique.

    Let’s see… the girl likes the cats I made. She’s also obsessed with the cassettes. So I made a happy kitty with a mixtape!

    I used high quality cotton with pink and orange details for the dress

    I made her bow with some floral fabric
    all of the details on the faces are hand embroidered

    I used 3 buttons to make the tape I love the way it came out

    He-he she looks proud of her mixtape in that shot

    now I present you the kitty’s soulmate!

    He’s a black stray cat.

    He’s got a big blue bow tie

    My friend told me that he’s got a smurf collection so I made him a little smurf

    The smurf is totally hand-sewn and I thing it looks funny

    Both projects are made with love and I hope they enjoy their new...

    ...Heartc♥re friends!

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    1. Πρωτότυπη η ιδέα να ράψεις κουκλάκια σύμφωνα με τα γούστα και τις συνήθειες του παραλήπτη, μπράβο!

    2. and the groom said...oh my God that's amazing
      thanks a lot :-)

      1. you're welcome "groom" :D
        να ζησετε και να μεινετε ενωμενοι και ευτυχισμενοι :)


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