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    Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    Mini Cupcakes for little Phoebe

    Looks like someone liked mushroom like cupcakes...


    So I made some more for Phoebe's b-day party!

    I baked my super-fluffy cupcakes, I filled them with chocolate ganache and I decorated them

    I designed some "Φ" (φ spelt like "ph" from Phoebe)

    just to make them more personal...

    How cute are they look, in the box?
    I love the final result!

    The feedback from the party was super positive and as they told as both children and parents adored mushroom-cupcakes!  I hope to make more stuff for Phoebe's parties in the future : )

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    1. Με ξετρέλαναν οι συνταγές σου. Καλώς σε βρήκα....

      1. Kαλως μας ηρθες lolipop-mama!
        ελπιζω να τις δοκιμασεις καποια στιγμη και να αρεσουν και στους αντρες σου :)

    2. Thanks for finally talking about > "Mini Cupcakes for little Phoebe" < Liked it!
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