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    Sunday, November 25, 2012

    A Cute Cupcake Pillow for a Cute Girl

    Hello there!
    Some months ago I've been asked to sew a cupcake for a cupcake-junkie girl!
    Although she's skinny, she loves cakes, chocolates, ice creams, sweet syrups, whipped creams and all of the cute goodies like cupcakes!

    After some tries (failed ones), I thing I've made the cutest, girly, fluffy, glam cupcake pillow ever!
    I tried to sew a 3D little cupcake, I tried different beads, I tried many ways to sew the bottom as to look like a really liner, and that's the result!

    My daughter was sooo attracted by the colour, the bling-blings, and she tried many times to steal it, while I was tring to shoot it.

    All of the details are hand-sewn.
    I spent more time to make the details, than sewn and staffed the whole project, as my needle was too big for the beads.

    I used silver-pink binds as sugar sprinkles

    And a white knitted sueter as the cupcake liner.

    I like the way it came out.
    Hope she liked it, too : )

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