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    Saturday, December 8, 2012

    Cookie Xmas Tree made of Stars...

    That's my second try to make a tree out of cookies.
    Everything is edible!

    You can easily find cookie cutter sets in star shapes,  almost everywhere while holidays.

    And that's my Xmas forest!
    I made them as Christmas centerpiece (check out: "3D Xmas Cookie Trees" )

    To make the "Cookie Xmas Tree made of Stars" you'll need:

    Cookie dough
    green+yellow food coloring
    icing (1cup powdered sugar + 1,5 tbsp water)
    1 toothpick
    6 star-shaped cookie cutters in several sizes
    sprinkles or sugar confetti as decoration

    Prepare your cookie dough

    Keep a little dough, add yellow food coloring and knead

    To the rest of the dough add green food coloring

    Knead until the dough start to look like that

    Roll out the dough (about one finger thick)

    Cut 18 stars (3 of every cookie cutter)
    +1 yellow star (the one before the smallest size)

    Bake them on a wax paper for 7-8min, 400D/200C.
    Let them cool completely

    Prepare some icing

    Use the icing as glue and start to stack the cookie from bigger to smaller, as seen on the photo

    Keep on stacking all the green cookies

    Peg a toothpick into the yellow star cookie

    Peg the star on the pick

    And the tree is ready!

    You can decorate the tree with icing as snow, sprinkles as ornaments and powdered sugar as snow.

    Hope you like my tree and give it a try ;)
    Mary Christmas

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