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    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Pom Pom Cupcakes for Amature Bakers (using 11$ IKEA supplies)

    Hello there!
    Usually cupcakes are a bit "costly  habit". All those ingredients and sprinkles and food colorings and tins and liners and piping tips... But the most frustrating thing issue is, where to find all these fancy staff!

    Today I choose some cupcakes for very begginers.
    The supplies can be found easily at IKEA stores and they cost less than 11$!

    For your very first cupcakes you'll need:

    Your favorite cake recipe (or ready to make cake mixture)
    For the buttercream frosting : Just wimp well 1 cup butter with 2 cups icing sugar
    (you can add one teaspoon marmalade to color it)
    A muffin tin such as IKEA's
    DRÖMMAR (for 9,99 $)
    And IKEA's
    DRÖMMAR baking cups (for just 0,99 $ /65 cups)

    How to bake them:
    1) Preheat the oven to 175C / 347F
    2) Prepare the cake mxture
    3) Put the paper cups in the tin
    4) Fill the 2/3 of the cups with the cake mixture
    5) Bake them for 15'
    6) Wimp the frosting for 10'
    7) When the muffins are completly cool, decorate them with buttercream

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