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    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Guns don't kill people- I kill people, with guns

    Are you tough enough to be a gangster? That’s a list of everyday gangsta’s gadget must have!

    Every tough woman who respects herself wakes up and light up her gangsta lamb

    Then goes to the kitchen makes coffee for her and her boyfriend and she puts it in the gangsta’s mugs.  1,2

     She makes gangsta’s fried eggs for breakfast, too.

     After that, she goes to her gangsta mirror

    and makes her hair with the gangsta’s comb and the gangsta’s dryer.

      She does her make up with the gangsta’s make up ki


    and she’s ready to grab the gangsta’s doorknob


    and take her dog for a walk with the gangsta’s dog leash.

    During the day she do and other dirty gangsta’s jobs that I cannot mention here…

    When she comes back home, she lights up her gangsta’s lights 

    and she turns on her gangsta’s MacBook.

     She plugs in her gangsta’s usb and she turn on some tough music.

    and she has a gangsta’sshot

    She chills with her boyfriend on the couch with the gangsta’s pillows 1,2,3,4


     They light up their cigarettes with a gangsta’s lighter


      and they snuff them out in the gangsta’s ashtray

    They’ve got a great time talking about art and gangsta’s books

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    1. lol how did you find so much gangsta stuff

      1. The funny fact is that someone makes and sells all this stuff... :)


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