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    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    Mickey Mouse Cake

    Yesterday was a really special day 'cause my youngest cousin turned 3 years old!
    And guess what! I've made him a 3D cake for his Mickey Mouse b-party!


    After a lot of researche and thought I decide to make a 3 tiered cake but in a more minimal and basic version (the truth is that I'm fend of classic cakes with little plastic, fake, miniatures on them...).

    Let's see how I made it:

    The first tier was made of :

    Chocolate cake with...

    Creme patisserie & dried strawberries filling

    Then I covered the cake with buttercreme and white fondant that I've made

     I added some yellow details (like mickey's shoes)

    And I finished it with some black, mickey's head, cuts

    The second tiered was made of  Biscuit Chocolate Pudding which I covered with red fondant and I finished it with some white buttons and a yellow ribbon

    In every tiere I used cut straws to protect the cake by losing its shape from the weight

    The last tiered was the mickey's head

    I also used Biscuit Chocolate Pudding, that I covered it with buttercreme and black fondant

    The Mickey's ears was the finish touch!
    I made them of hard paper and toothpickes, covered with fondant.

     The party was great!
    Cute, little people were playing here & there, fighing for some toy or talking about their adventures!
    Everybody loved the Mickey Mouse 's Cake and some of the guests first thought that the cake was fake just for the decoration!

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    1 comment:

    1. Awsome cake! Congrats! I will do it for my son´s 2nd Birthday...just few questions:

      What was the size of the cake molds you use?

      How many cake boxes did you use in each cake layer?


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