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    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

    ((( ♪ ))) Boombox Pillow ((( ♫ )))


    About a month ago, a friend of us asked me to sew him a boom box!
    I was born in 90's so I had to look for photos on the web. I didn't even know that its name is "boombox"! I was thinking that they call it cassette player or something like that..(not so proud for..)
    {That's a really special moment people 'cause usually I know everything about anything! :P hehe}

    It came out pretty cool but let's see how I made it

    First I cut two pieces of grey cotton and some more pieces of black & white felt.


    Then I added more details to make it look like the real one, and I saw all pieces together.

    I filled it up with hypoallergic and washable stuffing and that's the result!


    That's the back of the pillow, where you can easily take a nap on.
    This cotton is really soft...

    Our friend's got a very big and rare collection of vinyls and old school audio systems, so I feel great that there will be and a "heartcore" piece made just for him!

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    2. i didn't know it called "boombox",
      and i was born in the 80's... :)
      cute pillow you made!


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