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    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Starry nights - Sunny days Cupcakes

    OK, people. Here is a fact: "If you start to bake cupcakes, you'll never stop!".
    I'm not sure where this obsession becomes from...
    Is it the size? The colors? The endless ways to serve them? The friends asking for more?

    This time I decide to make them a bit playful.
    I decorate some of them with suns and flowers, and the rest of them with moons and little balls-like-stars,  which I've made out of fondant.

    I used ganache cream instead of frosting, and mini chocolate cupcakes.
    Chocolate is the best!

    I found these shaped tiny cutters, on a very old cooking tool.
    I'm not sure what is made to do this tool, but used to be my mum's and I thing is Tupperware.

    The moon shape is easy to make it using just a circular cutter (as I did here).
    I thing that I liked more the "starry nights" cupcakes than the "sunny days".
    Both of them were delicious thought!

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    1. once more mmm! :)
      "sunny days" are very 70's :))

      p.s how do you make this effect on your fotos?
      i like it:)

    2. Thanks!!
      heheh, indeed :)

      on Photoshop:

      .adjust brightness
      .use warming filter (81)
      .adjust RGB curves to make the "dark corners effect"


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