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    Thursday, December 13, 2012

    Xmas Giveaway + an Interview (closed)

    Finally, my first giveaway is here thanks to Akira Mushi!

    Xmas = Presents
    Heartcore gives you the opportunity to win an Akira Mushi 's Plexiglas necklace!

    Olga & Anna (the designers of AKIRA MUSHI) answered to our questions to let us know them better :)

    But who is AKIRA MUSHI?

    its a fashion contemporary and minimalistic design platform.

    You've got a dog named Mushi and another one, named Akira. Is the brand named after your friends, or your friends are named after the brand?
    hahhaha... .....Mushi and Akira where there long time a go....yeap when we decide to join forces we thought that a brand with that kind of name sounds funny thus makes you feel good ;)))))
    Is the love for oriental culture a joint through Olga and Anna?
    yes, you probably could say that among other things as well...

    When did AKIRA MUSHI born and how?
    First collection was designed back in to 2009 ....we both had our different brands Anna (lost toys) Olga (blanket.Lo) and as we kept meeting in common places we had this idea of collaborating so... Akira Mushi were formed.

    What's your educational background? Was your childhood dream to become a fashion designer, or it's something that came after your experiences?
    Anna had a more peaceful and relevant educational background as she studied fashion and business in London.Olga studied biology and did a master in business administration and between those two fashion fast track courses @St martins London.
    So as you can understand Anna knew early on how she wanted to spent her life and Olga discover it a bit later

    What's your inspiration? Name me some of your favorite designers
    Anything that carries within it life....
    Designers : Greece is for lovers, Charles and bronson.
    Fashion designers :George Eleftheriades.
     Architects : Vasilis Baskozo from mov architects

    I love the fact that your clothes and accessories can be worn in many different ways, from many different people (age, body shapes, etc.). Is that a need of people in crisis or a creative statement?
    It is more a political statement actually....we believe in people that feel comfortable with who they are and we have chosen to design not for a specific group of people this is not our mentality.... we just want to design clothes
    and accessories for them and keep the dream alive for everybody

    Tell me one thing you love and one thing you hate, in Athenians' wardrobe
    we love so many we hate none.....

    Where can someone find your clothes and accessories?
    Flagship Stores:
    9 Andrea Gini Str., Halandri, Athens, Greece
    Call +30 2130 233 617
    2 Fokionos Str., Syntagma, Athens, Greece
    Call +30 2130 245 341
    Shop www.etsy.com/shop/akiramushi
    Connect https://www.facebook.com/akiramushi.fashion
    Tweet https://twitter.com/Akira_Mushi
    Dial 6946338394 & 6973501443

    The giveaway will be opened until 12:00, 25 December 2012

    To win just follow the steps on the window below:
    1. Leave a comment under the post (required)
    2. Share/tweet the giveaway (you can do it more than 1 time)
    3. Like AKIRA MUSHI facebook page
    4. Like Heartcore facebook page

    The more steps you do, the more entries and chances you've got to win

    Good Luck!

    And the winner is...

    entry #193

    Congratulations Tonia!


    1. ω!τι ωραίο χριστουγεννιάτικο δωράκι!

    2. very very nice christmas giveaway!
      thank you for this!

    3. lovely giveaway and a great interview :-)

    4. πολυ ομορφα ολα!καλες γιορτες!!!

    5. very very nice christmas giveaway!
      fb: Xrisa Vasiliou


    7. super giveaway!!!Merry Christmas!!

    8. Πανέμορφο δωράκι! Ευχαριστούμε!

    9. καλες γιορτες να εχουμε.

    10. Good luck!
      Fb name: Elli V. Petsanidou Chatzi

    11. τέλειο, minimal δώρο!
      καλές γιορτές!

    12. i just love the 2dogs!!!!

    13. Unique! Love the shape! Merry Christmas to everybody! :)

    14. καλά τα δαχτυλίδια απο πλέξιγκλας τα αγαπώ και αυτά του Akira Mushi είναι μούρλια! μαρεσε πολύ και το καθρεφτένιο...

      Καλά χριστούγεννα!

    15. super!
      sofia tsepa

    16. πολύ εναλλακτικό!μου αρέσει!!

    17. aggelikavac13@hotmail.com

      υπέροχο!!!!!! ελπίζω να το κερδίσω:) καλή επιτυχία!


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